Proof That Neon Lights Drive More Foot Traffic Into Your Store

Get them through the door and the dollars will come. Time to explore the topic of neon lights with an open mind. Let's make you sound brilliant the next time you're discussing increasing your store's foot traffic.

What we know about neon lights
Often when thinking about a store's foot traffic, often we don't often immediately associate neon lights with it.

But there is now strong evidence to suggest that neon lights are a huge advantage for businesses in terms of increasing customer numbers inside their door.

When we talk about foot traffic, we are referring to customers or potential buyers who enter a store physically through the entrance. This does not refer to ecommerce or phone customers. It relates to the traditional buyer that attends the shop in person to make a purchase.

Instantly we have greater awareness about these customers, and can start exploring their attraction to neon lights.

Using our lead, you can use the following insights about neon lights to your advantage. Those businesses who work hard at improving their neon lights displays on their stores are the ones who get ahead.

Envisage how neon lights currently appear in your head. Document the various thoughts you hold pertaining to neon lights already.

Some people think that targeting "walk-ins'' is all about having a great location. In some respects, this is often true, but is only half the battle. It is also vital to attract customers through signage - and the neon light signs are proving to be super effective. So much so, it's almost cheating!

With this in mind, we can move on to discover new things about applying these lights. Now let's take what you know and double it. Start with the following.

Neon lights capture attention
First and foremost, look at this. If you want customers in the first place, you need to make sure that you are noticed. At this moment in time, attracting leads for your business is the most important factor when doing business, especially if you depend on customers off the street.


Once you can capture their attention then you can begin the process of converting "casual browsers" into "customers."

The best way to capture this attention is via the use of neon lights. These contrast heavily against competing shops on the street also vying for that valuable foot traffic. If you are not using neon lights in your store window, then you are likely to be losing customers.

And like that, you already know more than most people. Next you need to consider the following.

They stand out at night
It is vitally important that you can be seen at night if you are running a business that gets foot traffic in the evening hours.

You can also use them simply to advertise and promote your business at night, even if you are not operating in the later hours. Most of the time, people tend to forget that their store is also an advertising opportunity or billboard for their business. And using a neon light is a great way to convey your brand 24 hours a day.

Can be seen from a distance
Not only do neon signs capture attention of foot traffic in front of your shop, but also those from further away. This plays a key role in attracting customers who notice your neon lights from afar, and it draws them closer to learn more about your business.

In addition, it makes it easier for people to find a store they are looking for and can nullify the risk of customers not being able to locate the store.

Fusing all this together exhibits how neon lights and store foot traffic interact so closely. Making it this far shows how committed you are to educating yourself in this area of your business.

Retaining the key points will help you grow in the area of customers in-store. No longer are you in the dark about the secret of neon lights.
Levelling up on store foot traffic has never been so easy. Keep that in mind the next time the topic arises.

Let's hope you found some value in what you've read.

Final task - we urge you to reveal your views in the conversation below.


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