Why Neon Lights Perform Better Than Traditional Signs

All the information we know about neon lights has been collated and presented for you. So let's see what you will discover in relation to why they perform better than traditional signs.

Interest in the area of storefront signage has more than doubled in the past few years, especially with the increasing level of competition on shopping strips.

The increased level of talk around neon lights and traditional signage has encapsulated many business owners.

How did you stumble upon neon lights in the first place? Was your competitor using them? Maybe you spotted them on Instagram? Various sources are out there, but let's dig a little deeper.

Neon lights are a popular method for promoting a storefront through illuminated signage. This differs from the traditional method of static, non-lit signage.

Are we in agreement on that? If so, push forward to the next part.
Jot down some of the assumptions you have about neon lights and reconcile your existing bias towards them.

A perception exists that neon lights are expensive, which is certainly not the case. Although they can be more expensive than traditional signs in some circumstances, this is often covered through the added customers that the neon sign drives to the business.

Staying ahead of the curve when it comes to signage will be highly advantageous. And soon you will be convinced that neon signage is your best way forward.

Settle yourself in and expand the way you think about neon signage.

  1. Shine bright at night
    See if you agree with the following.

The obvious advantage over traditional signs is that neon lights are more effective at night.

No matter how hidden a shop can be, a neon light will always make it stand out in the dark. Getting noticed is the first step to getting customers in the door, so investing in neon signage makes perfect sense.

We are only just warming up. To complement this first point, direct your attention to this next benefit.

  1. Unique appeal
    Often many signs on a shopping strip will be very similar.A series of rectangular plaques that dangle from the building one after another makes it difficult to decipher one business from another.

However, a neon sign solves this issue. With a neon sign you have unique point of difference from all other shops on the street. This will ensure your shop stands out from the crowd.

Your tower of knowledge is growing taller. With this behind us, you can move onto the next area.

  1. Exude intimacy
    There is no doubt that neon lights actually evoke a greater emotional responsefrom potential customers than a traditional sign.

There is something peculiar and mesmerising about a message that glows, which sparks a curiosity within people. It creates a sense of intimacy with your customers that simply cannot be achieved through the standard templates presented by traditional signage.

When collating all the information together, you have a birds eye view on neon lights use for signage. Clearly there are other drivers at play that impact this area, but these make up the basic case for implementation.

You can point back to this post when people compliment your neon lights!

So we wrap this up here. This information is now planted in your brain and can be used moving forward in your own marketing strategies.

Discussing the issue in depth will be easier if you remember these points. Skim back through the main points to solidify your understanding. For now, this is a great starting point for you. You should feel excited about your pursuit for information around increasing exposure through your signage.

Good job making your way through what can be a complex decision.
One last thing. Please convey your own sentiments about this issue in the comments. Don't stop there - there are many other resources to be found.

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